Lets get to the subject that most people want to know 'the cost'.... 

Whats the cost of a new roof?


Well there are many factors that need to be taken into account.  Ill go over the four main element costs that make up a reroof project. You can get your customized interactive estimates with these costs for your reroof project by requesting one via request form, text, or calling 651-432-1271.

Four Cost Elements: Labor, Materials, Permits, and Disposal

Labor cost- This cost is effected by the slope, size, and cut of your roof. If your roof is steep the cost goes up. If it is a larger roof it actually may be in your favor.  Smaller roof projects may be more expensive per square then larger projects.  The cut of the roof is the number of valleys, dormers, and linear feet of ridge. The more 'cut up' the roof  is the higher the cost.


Material cost- This can be effected mostly by the style and brand of shingle you choose. We do have links on our interactive reroof estimates that give up to date shingle cost from the three largest home improvement store in the country (Home Depot, Menards, and Lowes). The decision to go with ridge vent as appose to regular slant roof vents could raise the cost.  The product of Ice and Water shield also known as 'weather guard' and 'stick and peel' just to name a few of name brands can be expensive. This cost will vary depending on the region of the United States you live in.  The colder states require 6 feet on the eves of heated sections and all states require it in the valleys. Ridge can also be very expensive especially in the case of architectural shingles. GAF can cost as much as 50 dollars for 20 linear feet.

Permits- You can pay as little as 0 to $250 dollars for a roof permit. The zero case is if you choose not to pull a permit.  Some states for example North Carolina and Texas do not require a permit while Florida and Minnesota it is mandatory.  At the time of this writing it was $190 in Tampa and $110 in Minneapolis and surrounding cities and towns.  


Dumpsters (Disposal)-I Will provide a link to some  national price guidelines on this cost below. Again the larger the roof the increase in the cost. The cost can go up tremendously if you have 2 layers of shingles to remove from your roof. Remember this would be considered double the material to be disposed of, so its best to keep and plan for this if this is a factor in your reroof project.